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Blockchain development services seek to create decentralized blockchain networks that allow for the creation of new business models and improved data and transaction traceability for companies.

We develop distributed applications that are not only decentralized, efficient, secure but also transparent and incorruptible. We adopt advanced technology to develop applications that are interlinked with multiple computer systems in a network and mostly rely on cloud computing services. Almost every business is our target customer to offer distributed applications development services. Through such applications, the users operating interlinked computer systems in a network can simultaneously store, update, share, access and synchronize the information stored in the server.

As blockchain technology has redefined contract development and implementation process Bitsbeat offers smart contract development services to businesses. Such contracts are a virtual version of regular contracts and are smartly coded with predefined conditions. Our developers have world-class skills and expertise in smart contract development that they have acquired working with experts from various countries.The smart contract has the following advantages to any business:

  • Offers high security
  • Reduces transaction costs
  • Operates on validation of conditions
  • Automation of clearing and settlement
  • Effective for data-driven business model
  • Eliminates the risk of frauds because of the decentralized process
  • Enforces the rules and regulations as the regular contract does
  • Applicable for a wider range of businesses such as finance, insurance, logistics, healthcare and so on

The global tech industry has already accepted the fact that Blockchain is going to be the most disruptive innovation of the modern world. However, the understanding of blockchain has been limited to crypto-currencies only. Thus, we are exploring and analyzing different use-cases of blockchain technology to inform the larger population on this breakthrough innovation. We are currently undertaking focused research on user control privacy using this technology. Further, Bitsbeat has partnered with research scholars from various parts of the world that are advocating for wider implications of Blockchain technology. We welcome every individual, company and government to collaborate with us and take the blockchain revolution to the next level.

Blockchain solutions that we deliver

Research and POC Development

You might have great concepts based on blockchain technology to solve problems of any sector such as healthcare, finance, energy, identity management, communication and so on. We can help you undertake a detailed research and come up with documented concepts followed by a convincing prototype and minimum viable product.

Token Creation / Smart Contract development

With the expertise team in writing the Smart Contract we provide the excellent service of creating the token in any blockchain platform especially in the Ethereum based blockchain platform but not just limited to it and also do provide the service of creating the smart contract for any type of DApp. Bitsbeat’s digital wallet handling services comprise of the below facilities for your cryptocurrency management.

Digital Wallet Handling

  • Wallet Creation
  • User Signup/ login
  • Fund
  • Purchase of Token Exchange from top Currencies
  • Transfer Token
  • Transfer Ether
  • ERC-20 Tokens function
  • Two Factor Authentication

Distributed Apps (DApps)

We develop distributed apps for different domains using both Private (Enterprise level) and Public Blockchain. Our proficiency lies in both Web and Mobile Apps development by capitalizing finest  emerging technologies and platforms. 

We provide services to develop Distributed File Systems capable of sharing files and storage resources by multiple users in a computer networking a controlled and authorized manner.

Lets Explore The Beauty of Blockchain Technology Together

Bitsbeat will help you deliver robust blockchain product that will scale up business efficiency by systemizing the redundant activities