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Data Science

Our data science consulting, growth, and support services allow businesses to run experiments on their data in pursuit of market insights.

What we do

Operational Intelligence

Detecting irregularities and undesirable trends, as well as their root-cause analysis, output prediction, and forecasting, all help to improve process performance.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management can be improved by using accurate demand forecasts, inventory optimization guidance, and supplier and risk assessments.

Product Quality

Identifying production process irregularities that impact product quality and cause production process disturbances ahead of time.

Predictive Maintenance

Monitoring equipment, detecting and documenting trends that contribute to pre-failure and failure states.

Customer Experience Personalization

Identifying customer behavior trends and customer segmentation in order to build recommendation engines, personalize services, and so on.

Customer Churn

Developing forecasts based on consumer experience to identify possible churners.

Sales Process Optimization

Advanced lead and opportunity scoring, next-step sales advice, negative consumer sentiment alerting, and other features are available.

Financial risk management

Forecasting project profits, assessing financial risks, and determining a prospect's creditworthiness are all tasks that need to be completed.

Patient treatment optimization

Identifying at-risk patients, allowing for customized medical care, and anticipating the onset of symptoms, among other things.

Image analysis

Automated visual examination, facial or emotion recognition, scoring, and counting reduce human error.

Related data sciences we offer

  • Machine learning consulting
  • Image analysis services
  • Data mining services

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