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Cooking-Food Recipe Mobile App Development

By Rupesh Ghimire

Introduction to the Food Recipe application

Cooking is a passionate job that allows people to transform an ordinary meal into a tantalising and mesmerising one, and many people pursue it as a hobby or as a profession. During the initial Covid19 phase, when the entire world was locked up in their homes, the one thing they genuinely bonded over was cooking, which is why there were a plethora of food pictures being shared by people who loved to spend the lockdown exploring their culinary skills for the first two months.It was especially during this time that people began to explore and understand the many food recipe mobile apps available. Even today, people, particularly foodies, rely on these apps to find a wide variety of recipes. Food recipe mobile apps have created such a buzz that those in the food industry or with a strong interest in the field are considering launching their own.

Aspect of Recipe mobile apps in the market

There are many mobile apps dedicated to Recipes in the market. As a result, the mobile app market is constantly changing, which is why there are so many questions about how much it costs to create an app. After all, people nowadays use apps for almost everything, including communication, lifestyle, shopping, food, sports, business, games, and a whole lot more, and even when people couldn't leave their homes, they were relieved that they could access a wealth of information through these apps and that things were delivered right to their doorstep.And today, more and more people are turning to these apps to find food recipes, as cookbooks are becoming obsolete, and everything is now digitized, and people like the idea of being able to find all types of cuisines and varieties on a single platform. In fact, over 23 million people in the United States, Canada, India, and Australia have looked for food recipes and cooking apps.

Scope and benefits of a Food Recipe App

Everyone wishes to learn how to prepare a good meal for their family or friends. The cooking recipe app comes to the rescue at this point. However, not everyone is gifted with the ability to prepare a delectable meal but a food recipe app sure comes in handy during those times. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of having a food recipe app on your fingertips:

  • Thousands of recipes, all of which have been properly labelled.
  • Step-by-step instructions are simple to follow.
  • When preparing multiple meals, the multitasking feature comes in handy.
  • It provides tutorials in either video or image format.
  • On the app, you can share photos or recipes.
  • You'll be able to communicate with other app users.

Some other scope and benefits of a food recipe app:

  • Culinary experimentation is a type of entertainment 

Many members of the modern generation (also known as Generation Z) enjoy spending some of their free time in the kitchen, and they prefer new, unfamiliar dishes. And a variety of recipe apps could become their steadfast companions in these culinary experiments.

  • A form of communication 

Furthermore, such apps could be used to find and communicate with people who share similar interests. Some users can make new friends with whom they can discuss interesting recipes and unusual dishes.

  • The on-demand model's growing popularity

We're all in a rush these days. As a result, we'd like to be able to order any service online and have it completed right away (on demand). An Uber taxi is a great example of this model: we need a car, so we tap a few buttons and find the closest taxi. The same is true when it comes to cooking: we want to make something without having to spend too much time looking for the right recipe. So we'll need a suitable app to accomplish the single goal. Which is yet another reason to create a recipe app.

  • Digitalization on a global scale

To meet the needs of their customers, most businesses are attempting to bring their services online. Cooking isn't an exception.

Market segmentation of the Recipe apps

According to a survey, during the Covid-19 pandemic, around 400 crore people were confined to their homes, with 130 crore of them in India. As outdoor activities dwindled, a large number of people sought solace in activities such as cooking, health, games, and health, which were essentially the most leisure-related topics at the time of lockdown. According to one study, these food recipe apps have a market size of 22,755,800 potential users from Canada, the United States, India, Australia, the Philippines, and Pakistan who have searched for them on Facebook and expressed an interest in cooking. As a result, it is clear that this industry is unstoppable.Recipe apps are made to provide users with plans. It's difficult to come up with a new energising supper idea every day, which is where a good formula application becomes perhaps the most important factor. They won't actually cook the meal for you, but with some apps offering exceptionally well-organized instructions, even the most inexperienced of gourmet experts should be able to get to grips with these. In 2019, total app revenue from these apps was $461.7 billion globally, with $935.2 billion expected in 2023. One out of every four iPhone or iPad users is over the age of 18 and uses the device regularly.

Business model of the Recipe apps

How can you make your app idea stand out among the plethora of food recipe apps available on the market? So, rather than developing an app with standard features, the idea that can really help is to surprise your users with something unique. After all, standard apps aren't particularly unique, and there are already so many on the market; why would people download yet another app if it produces the same results as other apps? As a result, consider developing a one-of-a-kind app to serve your target market.

Social Cooking Apps - These are apps for social media enthusiasts because they provide a space for users to share their favourite food recipes, upload photos of their cooked dish, and receive feedback from other users.

DIY Recipe Collection - This type of app allows users to save online recipes and sync them across multiple devices. Users can easily save most of the recipes they find online in the app with just a tap on the mobile screen.

Cooking Apps Reference Book -This is a one-of-a-kind app that appeals to both experienced cooks and the general public. It includes an ingredient dictionary, which includes everything from common vegetables to exotic fruits and rare spices, with each entry containing information on the ingredient's history, preparation methods, taste, and links to recipes that call for that ingredient.

App for Sharing Recipes -Tender and Foodgawker, for example, are two of the apps in this category that can share recipe ideas.

Overcoming Challenges in monetizing a Food Recipe Application

Now comes one of the most important aspects of app development: monetization.We develop an application to make money, as a result, it's critical to comprehend the monetization strategies that work for Recipe mobile apps. Here are some suggestions for monetizing your recipe app:

  • Subscription-This is one app store marketing strategy that works for a variety of apps. The subscription model allows users to use the app for a set period of time, after which they can resubscribe if they enjoy it.
  • Advertisements within the app-Everyone understands the value of advertising for a business, and digital ads, more than any other type of ad, are currently ruling the global market. After all, why not? After all, they're everywhere, and they're also available on mobile apps. As an app owner, you can promote your affiliate's product or service by using in-app ads in the recipe mobile app. As a result, as users interact with the advertisements or click on them, you will earn money.
  • Freemium-You must have a second, premium version of the app to take advantage of this revenue stream. Users are more likely to download the paid app version with additional features if they have already downloaded the free version of your app. Here's where the ad-blocking feature comes in to help app developers make more money.
  • Sponsorship-So, if your recipe app becomes a big hit in the market, you might want to approach a sponsor and offer to have your app designed to match the sponsor's brand. This way, you can either pay a monthly sponsorship fee or split the revenue with your sponsor.

Key features and modules

Given that food is a basic human need and that an increasing number of people enjoy cooking, it appears that a cooking app would be a wise investment for business owners or entrepreneurs.When developing an app, it's important to remember that certain requirements, particularly the most basic, must be met.Below mentioned are some of the features you need to include when developing a food recipe app:

  • Registration -The registration page is the first thing a user sees after downloading your app. When designing a registration page, keep it simple, manageable, and secure. Users must provide their email address on the registration page, but they can also log in using their social media accounts. Users will find this method of registration to be simple.
  • Profile-Users must create a profile after registering. This is where they share some of their basic information, such as their food preferences and dislikes. This profile will benefit users because the app will be able to suggest recipes that are similar to what they prefer or enjoy.
  • Advanced Search and Search-Users can use this feature to find new recipes to try. It also allows users to narrow down or filter their searches by categories, occasions, methods, diet, and other factors.
  • Subscription- When you provide users with a subscription option, it can benefit both you and them. The subscription option allows you to increase the number of people who download your app. Meanwhile, users who have subscribed to new recipes receive notifications.
  • Video tutorials-Some recipes, especially those with written instructions, are difficult to follow. The best way to get a lot of downloads for an app is to give users some visual content to guide them. Video tutorials are an excellent way to provide step-by-step instructions for preparing and cooking a meal.
  •  Photographs -Each recipe should also include multiple photos so that people can look at them and try them out for themselves. 
  •  Button to Save-Allow users to save their recipes so that they can try them at any time or recreate the same meal. Print number ten The ability to print is another feature that must be added for users. Instead, users can print the recipe and cook it themselves.
  • Quantity calculator-Users can now calculate the number of ingredients they'll need to determine the number of servings they'll make for each meal. 
  • Personal Notes-It's a great feature to have an option that allows users to insert their own ideas or any changes they want to make. 
  • Sharing-Since we are nearly all immersed in the digital world, it's a good idea to include a feature that allows users to share their favourite recipes or any recipes they try online. Incorporating a social button will boost engagement and encourage more people to download the app.


Cooking recipe apps are a fantastic way to put your money to work. Cooking will never be obsolete because food is one of humanity's most basic needs. As a result, even though developing an app is costly, investing in one will increase your return on investment.Also, regardless of which app idea you choose for customization, make sure you have an app home screen that encourages users to stay engaged with the app for a long time. Add search bars to the homepage to entice users to search for a wide range of recipes, save their favourites, and really engage with the app. If the content on your app fails to satisfy or engage users, they will eventually become bored and abandon the platform because they are unable to connect with it.