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How To Develop A Video Streaming Website Like Netflix

By Rupesh Ghimire


Modern individuals can find enough entertainment in any TV show, movie, or series to keep even the most boring evening fascinating. Furthermore, because current televisions are equipped with an Internet connection, it is no longer necessary to sift through channels for hours in order to locate something intriguing. You will always be able to find something interesting thanks to the Internet. 

Netflix is now attracting viewers from all over the world. What is the secret of its success? Thousands of programmes and movies, as well as a variety of service packages, can cater to any taste. Perhaps someone will one day construct something comparable to Netflix and add fresh features to combat the Netflix craze. Is this something that can be done? Well, you'll never know unless you try. Netflix and other online streaming services have the potential to become quite popular.Video streaming, like other household goods, has now become a part of everyday life. Through the concept of video streaming, the personal theatre has gone from being a luxury to a need.Thanks to market leaders such as Netflix, Hotstar, Youtube, and others who have pioneered innovative business models, you may now create your own video streaming service.Netflix is on track to make a profit of $558.9 million this year, and its net value has risen from $1.4 billion to an estimated 3.7 billion.Similarly, Hotstar, the second-largest video streaming company, has a net worth of $265 million and has roughly 7 lakh paid members.

Benefits of a Video Streaming App

The world of entertainment has shifted dramatically from television to video streaming applications,and the advantages are ever growing:

Multitasking is made simple with video streaming apps, which allow users to do vital work while watching their favourite show in the background.Netflix and other similar apps are now in most households in the United States and the United Kingdom, and their popularity is spreading to many Asian countries. So, what's the deal with this craze? There are numerous explanations for this. To begin with, the value of video material is far greater than that of traditional television. Second, the worth of information is incomparable once more. Another intriguing factor is that traditional television does not allow viewers to choose what they want to see. They can pick a station but not a show, for example. When using video streaming apps, though, consumers may just log in and watch their favourite shows.

Current trends in the video streaming industry

OTT stands for "over-the-top," and it refers to internet-based media distribution. Today, IP networks are distributing an increasing amount of media. The OTT sector is in the process of maturing. We're in the midst of a period when the technology that drives OTT trends is settling down. Although there aren't many huge changes on the horizon, the sector is continually changing in terms of key firms' offerings and consumer behaviour.

Immersive Streaming Technology is accessible

Streaming 4K video consumes roughly 30 Mbps of internet capacity, which is also tied to the latest OTT trends. You should have at least twice that amount of bandwidth available for live video streaming. For consumer-grade internet connections, this is unusual. The emergence of 5G, on the other hand, will enable an explosion in streaming video quality by allowing for 4K streaming solutions.The additional bandwidth will allow 4K video to be streamed. In the next 1-2 years, 4K and VR (Virtual Reality) streaming are expected to be distinguishing characteristics. With these new network connections, 360 live broadcasting will be considerably more possible. Overall, the streaming experience is about to become a lot more immersive.

Ruling the Premium market

The premium over-the-top (OTT) market is witnessing some seismic changes. Netflix has finally begun to be challenged after many years of being unchallenged.Disney+, HBO Go, and Peacock Premium were all launched last year by media behemoths Disney, HBO, and NBC, respectively. Furthermore, in the first 24 hours after its release, the Disney app was downloaded 3.2 million times.There's also Apple TV+'s OTT streaming service, as well as AT&T and Comcast's upcoming options. Other OTT trends include a significant surge in sports streaming services. These services are saturating the market with high-quality material, making it difficult for new sports broadcasting providers to compete.However, the specific nature of this new rivalry will be determined by local market conditions. Analysts believe that Disney+ will compete with Netflix in India, but not with Amazon Prime or other services geared at a broader audience.As these services and OTT trends gain traction, they're breaking into the mainstream in ways that have never been seen before. Indeed, OTT advertising is becoming increasingly important in the internet advertising market. As more people use these platforms, advertising earnings are skyrocketing.

Market segmentation of video streaming services

The first piece of advice for starting a video streaming business is to do some market research and examine the important players. Let's take a look at the current market and the major players in it. There are three different types of video streaming apps:

  • Traditional TV companies have developed a web-based live broadcasting application.

As the popularity of satellite and cable television declines, telecom companies are attempting to combine streaming services for smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, and other internet-connected devices. The most well-known live TV streaming providers are Sling TV and AT&T TV NOW.

  • Apps that provide on-demand video streaming with original content

On-demand video services like Netflix, unlike cord-cutting services, allow customers to choose which shows they wish to view.Netflix began as the first online DVD rental service in 1997, and in 2007 it expanded into video streaming, which is currently its primary business. According to Statista, the digital service platform had 61 million customers as of the end of 2019. While existing episodes and movies were first what drew people to Netflix, the service is now best recognised for its original programming (House of Cards, Breaking Bad, The Witcher, Stranger Things).

  • Independent TV networks' standalone video streaming apps

Despite the fact that CBS, Disney Channel, and HBO are widely available as add-on packs for most live TV streaming providers, these corporations have developed their own independent video streaming applications.HBO now offers two streaming services: HBO NOW, which is a stand-alone service that does not require a cable TV subscription, and HBO GO, which is included in any cable TV package that includes HBO.

Business model to consider for developing a Netflix clone

I'm sure everyone realises that creating a new business based on the Netflix model does not guarantee instantaneous success. Of course, it will take some time before you start making money, and you will scale up gradually at first. If you want to compete with Netflix and establish a website similar to Netflix, you should expect to invest at least a few years in making your company viable.Netflix's Subscription Business Model - The digital assets are the key to the company's success. Netflix generates revenue through a subscription-based video-on-demand business. Its worth is propelled to multi-billion dollar income by the simple three subscription options (basic, standard, and premium). New content, TV series, and in-house shows are all attempting to increase viewer demand.Below mentioned are certain facts you should keep in mind when developing a Video streaming app like Netflix:


The key method for maximising fan base is cross-platform video transmission across many devices and operating systems. This is what allowed Netflix to reach a billion users.Despite the fact that there are many video-on-demand service providers on the market, the ability to access content from any device (whether it a computer, Smart TV, tablet, mobile browser, or mobile application) makes a difference.

Original Content

Netflix subscribers are enticed to subscribe to original content, award-winning shows, and even reality shows. Aside from third-party publishers, Netflix promotes a master of none and certain in-house shows that aren't available on any other video on demand platform. Netflix's growth is bolstered by its native programming.

No advertising

Netflix does have another revenue stream in the form of advertisements. Users and independent publishers can view material completely ad-free, which includes a premium subscription.

Exceptional Customer Service

Netflix offers a variety of customer support options that allow users to contact them immediately and receive a quick response. Netflix customer service is available on a variety of platforms and channels, including email, live chat, social media, and phone.

The Entire World on One Platform

Netflix is available in over 190 countries and broadcasts material in over 20 languages around the world. Netflix can be accessed from everywhere in the world, regardless of language or device; it is one of the most widely used OTT services on the market. Netflix's greatest achievement is the global growth of its programming.

Key features to include in the app

Netflix is a streaming data transfer app that requires a powerful backend, and the cost varies depending on the number of functions it offers. The more features you have, the more money you'll spend. Simple. As a result, it is preferable to include only the most important functions in the first version of the app, as this directly minimises the cost. As the app grows in popularity, more features can be added as needed.

Main Features 

User registration: This is the first and most critical feature, without which no app can be created. Users will find it far more convenient to register via email or social media networks.

Design: Keeping the design simple is crucial, as users quickly become alienated from difficult-to-use apps. In fact, they are unlikely to give these apps another chance in the future. As a result, for an app like Netflix, keep the design basic so that consumers can get the information they need in a matter of seconds.

Platform-Even though there is no significant difference in app development for Android and iOS, it is still preferable to choose just one OS at first for the minimum viable product. However, if you want as many people to download your app as possible, you should have it designed for both versions of mobile OS. Obviously, more platforms mean more users.

Payment gateway: When using the Apple or Google operating systems, there is no need to include a payment gateway into the app because both Android and iOS have their own mobile payment systems that allow users to make purchases in the Google Play and App Store with a single click. Users simply need to pay once to register for an account. Other payment gateways, such as Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe, are available for other uses, such as selling DVDs.

User Profile: This part is intriguing since it allows users to upload their "most-liked" movies here, as well as add friends to their account so that they may watch their own content in the app. This is a feature available on Netflix.

Block screenshots: Copyright protection should be built in so that users can't take screenshots of any content.

Discussion and feedback: Getting in touch with other users is simple; all you have to do is write a comment.

Notifications - When a new series is released, users receive a notification.

Multiple language support: A Netflix app should support as many languages as possible in order to attract as many users as possible.

Content search: Users can easily select categories and user reviews based on user reviews. They may see what movies their friends are seeing and what movies they enjoy.

Settings-Subtitles, audio tracks, play/pause, volume control, rewind, and other options are available in the settings.

Additional Features

So the above-mentioned features were comparable to those found in the Netflix app, but when creating a new app, you may go ahead and include extra features to make it more fascinating and distinctive.

Social Sign in-Allow people to post news and reviews via social media with a single sign-in.

Video Streaming-Allow live broadcasting of select sporting events, shows, and television programmes via video streaming.

Ratings and reviews- Users should be able to rate movies and television shows so that they can build their own opinions based on the opinions of other portal users.

Download -Allow people to download material to their smartphones or tablets so they can watch it even if they don't have access to the internet.

Video quality: The user will be able to select image resolution based on technical specifications and personal preferences.

Geo-blocking: Due to restrictions in different parts of the world, some of your app's content may be prohibited in those areas. As a result, if you want your app to reach as many users as possible, keep this in mind.

Content Recommendation-Netflix offers the CineMatch system to supply consumers with content that is more engaging to them; similarly, you can choose to include anything along the same lines.


The demand and market value of video streaming websites will be sustained as video streaming websites such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hotstar continue to increase their net worth day by day. Netflix did not appear out of nowhere! However, there is plenty of room for newbies like you to develop a profitable video streaming business like Netflix that generates millions of dollars in income. The only thing that businesses and individuals need to do is concentrate on developing a business strategy for creating a video streaming website and working with the proper solution provider to have a profitable liver streaming business that they like running.We advise you to launch a video streaming platform with a minimum viable product (MVP). This will save you time and money while also providing you with a clear grasp of your target audience's wants and preferences. As a result, you'll be able to deliver a product that is specifically customised to your clients, increasing their loyalty and satisfaction.Consider using the cloud and creating a microservices architecture if your online streaming programme is designed to serve hundreds of thousands of people. A monolithic system is far more difficult to scale and maintain. In addition, the platform will be able to handle peak loads while maintaining a consistent user experience.