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Everly Market is a US based financial web application.

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Everly Market is a US-based financial web application. It brings to the clients a wide range of financing options. They work only with top-notch companies thus providing their clients with the most effective solutions to their financing problems. Since the beginning, they have engaged with several customers in the region and provided them with useful solutions. Their website even allows the customers to apply with multiple finance companies just with a single application.


Though Everly Market was thriving well, in order to increase its client base and make the website more futuristic it required the help of Bitsbeat IT Solutions. Thereafter, Bitsbeat IT Solutions decided to restructure the entire website of Everly Market giving it the latest updates & adding some additional innovative features as well. There were several challenges while curating this financial app which would allow its users to manage finance in a few clicks because modern people are constantly in need of better financing apps to take care of their valuable assets. Starting with the well-known fact that cybercrimes have increased ten-fold in recent times, therefore it became mandatory to build an application that is secure & especially when monetary investments are concerned. There has been a steady increase in online economic activities on daily basis, so it is required to keep the customer's banking requirements as a top priority. The most complex part was creating compatible UX which will consequently result in the creation of a user-friendly app. The time span was just four months which was a challenging factor as well as creating the best financing application for Everly Market.


The task was to restructure the whole website. Beginning from the front-end technology, in which React.js & Redux was used for effective state management. front-end is also known as the 'client-side' is the part of the website which is visible to the users & where the interaction takes place. Therefore React.js & Redux were used which made the web page user-friendly. The next step was to develop the backend technology, for which Node.js was used as the main language. The backend & frontend technology together is responsible for the smooth running of the website. It leads to the creation of a dynamic web page. The backend is responsible for holding the components of the frontend together. As an outcome, the user gets a friendly website that allows the customers to manage their finances in the right manner. Further, the application was developed in the microservices architecture with the application program interface layer being developed using the express framework and GRPC based services with protobuf or protocol buffers as the message interchange format. For the development of the Database Technology, a combination of SQL and NoSQL databases was used for the application. All the business logic data was stored in MySQL database and all the other logs related were stored in MongoDB. A website needs a secured database to store customer information & produce it as per requirements. The Redis server was used for caching purposes. Amazon Web Services was used for cloud deployment and for other web-related services as well. Entire logs of the application were stored in elastic search with the visualization tool being set as kibana. Zipkin was used for tracing purposes. Web Server and Proxy Server was NGINX. The agile-Scrum methodology was used as the team prioritized tasks from the backlog to different sprints. The development and QA team performed testing for the completed task for the respective sprint. The project methodology used is one of the most- widely used methods.


To achieve the desired results the team was in constant contact with the client & the mode of communication was skype & slack. Before handing over the final website several demos were run, in order to achieve client satisfaction. The communication was done with the clients on a weekly basis as well. The final designs were approved by the client. Testing was done on regular basis to fix any minor issues & for bug fixing as well. In order to achieve client satisfaction, we took care of the updates regularly. Thus in the end we were able to give our clients the desired results within the stipulated time.

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