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Infrastructure Service

Bitsbeat also provides Infrastructure Services.We have been delivering IT infrastructure management, tracking, and troubleshooting, as well as optimization, are all services that help businesses keep their IT infrastructure completely operational, dependable, and cost-effective.


Infrastructure facilities for the whole company

  • Consulting on IT infrastructure

    We assess your existing IT infrastructure, create, and execute a robust IT plan to ensure that it remains completely operational.

  • Consulting on IT infrastructure

    We have a full range of IT infrastructure management resources, from strategy and construction to governance, tracking, troubleshooting, and evolution of the IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure applications in the cloud

  • Consulting on cloud computing

    We assist you in ensuring high capacity, reliability, and protection of your cloud infrastructure, as well as lowering cloud migration, growth, and maintenance costs.

  • Infrastructure maintenance in the cloud

    To ensure high capacity, flexibility, and scalability, we plan, launch, track, maintain, and optimize the cloud or hybrid IT infrastructure.

VDI installation, consulting, and assistance

We provide VDI services to help you ensure safe security of corporate data stored in the data center and high efficiency of your remote workers by allowing them to operate from any computer in a relaxed and protected environment.