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IT Consulting

We offer the best consulting on IT systems so that you could structure your IT environment to go along with your business requirement.


The project scope is shaped by your business priorities – if you need to work through IT problems and lay out a plan for optimistic IT transformation, we will concentrate our entire attention on the advisory level. We also offer a wide range of IT project support services, including planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining technology-based solutions.



IT consulting

To develop a plan or design a solution that aligns the IT capital with market requirements.

  • IT technology auditing, network sophistication, application integrations, databases and data warehouses, and development infrastructure
  • Exploring market processes and identifying inefficiencies that are stifling business success or innovative business ventures.
  • Creating a comprehensive IT approach that focuses on either modernizing the current IT or introducing new innovative technology.

Project that is competitive

More than half of our app engineers are at the senior level, ensuring high-quality coding.

  • Analyzing the company's requirements.
  • Proposing an IT approach and providing a well-structured, well-designed schedule for its execution, including a project timetable, budget, and defined IT tools.
  • Many of the device modules that make up the solution are installed, configured, and customized.
  • In a complex IT environment, integrating device components.

Modernization of IT

To reduce the expense of maintaining outdated technology and increase its effect on your company's performance.

  • Examining the code and infrastructure of programs that have been running for a long time.
  • Software re-architecting, re-coding, platform migration, and containerization are among the changes planned.
  • Putting the modifications into action

IT utilities that are controlled

Both IT-related processes and repair tasks are handled on call and in a constructive manner.

  • Upgrades to the business apps, both minor and major.
  • Administration of the IT facilities.
  • Optimization of cloud use.
  • Efficiency, stability, capacity, problems, patching, and backups are all maintenance operations.
  • The business station.
  • Services provided by a virtual CIO (vCIO).

Cloud migration and consulting

To improve the efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of your cloud-based infrastructure and applications.

  • Examining the files, software, and infrastructure.
  • Adapting cloud-based application and data warehouse architectures.
  • Choosing the best cloud model and migration approach
  • Testing and implementation in the cloud.

With the Least Effort, Get Your IT Stable and Effective!

Professionals from Bitsbeat will keep a close eye on your IT infrastructure and its modules, as well as set up effective IT support workflows.