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IT Support

We here at the bitsbeat look afterIT help desk, Network Operations Center (NOC), and tech support to provide a superior customer experience and continuous IT process development.


Pipeline for multi-tiered incident resolution

  • L1. A group of people who support users.
  • L2 is a group of people who help with technological issues.
  • L3. A group of app developers.

Descriptions of the IT facilities and processes in detail

  • Ticket settlement SOPs, transition and crisis control SOPs, and CI/CD flows
  • Maps of networks.
  • Database for configuration control.
  • Plan for infrastructure enhancement.

Users' self-service instructional materials

  • Pages from the knowledge base.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Manuals for users.

Improvements in user retention and adoption

  • Testing and monitoring of the user experience.
  • User interface tests and surveys, with CSAT development proposals focused on the findings.

Assessments in regulatory enforcement

  • Benchmarking the IT setting against PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other regulations.
  • Plans to close the compliance void.

Reporting that is consistent and transparent

  • Reports on service levels.
  • Reports on maintenance.
  • Reports on health checks
  • Reports on security assessments.
  • Reports on incidents that have a root cause review.

Looking for a Result-Oriented IT Support Provider?

To improve the reliability of your IT facilities, BitsbeatIT support team will ensure constant surveillance and prompt resolution of observed and confirmed accidents.