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Testing and QA

“Test with the best” here at the bitsbest we do testing and quality assurance so that in the future you won’t face any problem.we provide QA strategy Design and QA process improvement. Since 2015, bitsbeat has been providing expert QA and testing services to its clients

Outsourcing QA

Your quality assurance process is managed by a dedicated team of domain-qualified QA engineers, who are also responsible for end-to-end testing of your applications.

Bitsbeat has provided extensive QA and testing services to our customers, assisting them in delivering consistent, robust, safe, and user-friendly software solutions.


QA and testing outsourcing will save up to 30% of a project's budget and 10 to 15% of time to market, depending on the project's complexity. Here are some of the most compelling arguments to outsource your quality assurance.

A flawless QA team

You get a squad with exactly the right size and experience when you outsource QA and research. A service provider relieves you of the pressure of both finding a suitable QA expert or test engineer and training current employees in project-specific testing forms or equipment.


A shorter production period and more rapid quality assurance changes

When you hire a reputable outsourcing service provider, you'll get the latest testing methods, test development techniques, and frameworks to cut down on training time and meet project deadlines. Furthermore, QA outsourcing allows you to achieve a higher degree of QA sophistication and achieve your software quality control targets even more quickly and easily.


A novel strategy

Using an outside experience and a collection of professional standards is much more successful than focusing solely on internal services. Furthermore, having an outside team involved psychologically motivates both the developers and the working QA personnel to identify and remove potential defects.

Forefront tools

To make the testing process quicker and more reliable, QA outsourcing companies use automated performance control, bug detection, and software automation techniques and technology. Selenium, Appium, Ranorex, Microsoft Coded UI Tests, and other software automation applications are among the most widely used.

Costs that are predictable

Having a knowledgeable team with a balanced number of people and credentials, as well as straightforward quotations, helps to keep the QA and research expenditure on track. If the complexity of the project provides for automatic monitoring, the effort and therefore the costs can be reduced further.


  • Assessment of the current QA operation.
  • Preparation of service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Delegation of responsibilities
  • Redesigning the QA framework and incorporating it into internal workflows.
  • Such a test schedule.
  • Designing a test.
  • Carry out the test.
  • Validation of defects and regression checking
  • Documentation of test results and assessment of research success.
  • Planning and implementing QA method improvements


  • Both manual and automated testing are available (Selenium, Appium, Microsoft Coded UI Tests).
  • Testing of SaaS, web, mobile, and desktop applications
  • Functional, performance, usability, compatibility, and security testing are all part of the testing process.


Product level QA outsourcing

If you need to bridge a void in QA and testing competencies or resources for a single project, this is the option to go with.

Multi -Product QA outsourcing

If you need to improve your QA and testing on a variety of tasks, this is the choice for you.


Complete QA outsourcing

You don't need any internal QA services with this choice because we'll take care of it. Even then, you'll have complete power over the resources you get.


Transformational QA outsourcing

If you want to improve the maturity of your QA operation, go for it. We will assist you in implementing an efficient QA procedure, increasing test automation rates, integrating testing into CI/CD, or setting up TCoE.

Checking systems that are managed

On a pay-per-unit basis, Bitsbeat specialized research staff takes over a portion or the entirety of your testing operations, assuming complete responsibility for the evaluation process management and the accuracy of the applications under scrutiny.


Relevant research for each project

We conduct independent 3rd-party testing and implement any necessary testing type or mixture of testing types, depending on the details of your business, project, and program.


Consultation on quality assurance

We conduct a QA process audit and prepare appropriate QA process changes to help you uncover the root causes of your quality issues and solve them. We can also create an optimized QA plan for you if you are just starting a project.

Evaluation of the level of quality

We examine your applications from a variety of perspectives, including code quality, accessibility, usability, efficiency, and protection, and then provide you with a full report that includes a list of issues found and suggestions on how to resolve them.



Project management that is mature

We have a standardized test framework that complies with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2015, and we work with the project team and third-party suppliers to achieve results.


Reporting that is transparent

We provide test documentation as mandated by ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3:2013 to ensure complete and systematic test coverage and full control about the testing activities conducted.


For company sustainability in mind, conduct testing.

Bitsbeat research engineers are experts in more than 20 fields and have a deep understanding of market processes in these areas, allowing them to not only test the applications but also ensure that it keeps your business running smoothly.

Don't know how to make quality assurance (QA) work on your project?

Bitsbeat research engineers are experts in more than 20 fields and have a deep understanding of market processes in these areas, allowing them to not only test the applications but also ensure that it keeps your business running smoothly.